Kata logic – 11/1/08 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Gatch gave us a good class today.  He gave us a lot of insight into how and why we do kata the way we do.

Kata warm up…

Sensei had us start doing all of the Heian kata’s and Tekki Shodan to get everyone warmed up.

Kata logic…

We spent the rest of the class working on parts of Jion.  Sensei went over almost all parts of Jion.  Starting with the first movement, he wanted us to put our foot straight back behind us.  Most of us were putting our foot back to the side inside of straight behind us.  The next move we worked on was the front snap kick with sanbon zuki.  After the kick, we need to put our foot down straight in front and again not off to the side which makes our stance too wide.  Next we worked on the back stance double block and horse stance with hook punch.  The point there was to make sure that the stances looked different.  We worked on more parts of the kata all the way through the end.

It was good class with a lot of kata specifics that we don’t often cover.

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