Hard kata – 11/25/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on our basics and kata for most of the class.

There but I wasn’t there…

I don’t have classes like this too often but something just wasn’t right for me.  I was extremely tense for some reason and my basics were not what they have been.   My shoulders were up when punching and I couldn’t seem to get in a good enough stance.

After my poor showing in my Kihon, I was able to redeem myself with my kata.  Sensei had all of us start with Jion.  We did each move, and then put them together in groups working up from the first move all the way to the first ki-ai.  Oddly enough, my Jion felt pretty good and when I was doing the kicks with the triple punches, I felt really connected.

After Jion, we started working on Bassai Dai.   We worked on Bassai Dai the same way Jion, working up from one move to groups of many.  At this point, my hips were working a little better and I was able to do my kata without a lot of critque from Sensei.

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