Lots of kata and more kata – 11/4/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us start with some kata.

Lots of kata…

We started with Heian Shodan, then our own kata (Bassai Dai for me).  Next came two Heian Nidan’s then my kata again, then three Heian Sandan’s then my kata, then four Heian Yondan’s and my kata, then five Heian Godan’s and my kata and then Six Tekki Shodan’s and them my own kata.  After all those, we started with Tekki Shodan and worked all the way back down to Heian Shodan and after those, we did our kata again.  We did somewhere over 30 kata’s in about 35 to 40 minutes.

One thing that got me through this part of the class was watching Sensei Plocharczyk doing the kata’s with us.  Whenever my mind gave up, I would look over at him not stopping and keep going myself because of him.  Sensei Noia said that we didn’t have put 100% into every kata but watching Sensei Plocharczyk give 100% made me do the same too.

One-step on our own and the block punch drill…

After all of the kata’s, Sensei had us do the block and counter parts of one-step sparring.  We then finished up doing the block punch drill with a partner.  My first partner was my wife and her and I do this drill pretty good but then we switched partners and I did the drill with Sensei Plocharczyk.  Do the drill with him is a different experience because he moves so smooth and fluid.  I felt that I did pretty well with him but I know he was going easy on me.

This class was incredible.

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