You are gonna get hit – 10/4/09 – Saturday Karate class

I ended up missing Thursday and Friday classes since I wasn’t feeling like myself.  I think it started on Tuesday when I couldn’t keep my focus and it seems to have stayed with me until today.  I helped out with the other classes on Friday but I didn’t feel up to training.

Sensei Gatch started our class with a warm up of suicides back and forth across the gym.

Time for kata…

Sensei had us start with Jion.  He had us do it slowly on his count.  After that, he had us do the same kata but in under 30 seconds.  Needless to say, it was not pretty.

Sensei Gatch then spent some time trying to find a way to motivate us to do our kata with more passion or heart.  He asked each of us to find something that makes us mad and focus on that while we did our kata.  I am not sure how my kata looked to everyone else but it did feel a little different.  I normally do not focus on being mad but it did feel more powerful than usual.  I am not sure about the form but my moves felt like they ended stronger than usual.

Take the hit…

Sensei had us put on our pads and work on some sparring drills.  Instead of working on the normal drills, he had us work on hitting and getting hit. For the first drill, he had us get a partner and then when he said go, we both shifted in as fast as possible and then hit each other with a reverse punch.  The goal was to hit our partner before we hit them but in the end, both of us got hit.

The next drill was for us to free spar and keep hitting each other without stopping.  In normal point sparring, we hit and then stop when we get our partner or they get us but this time, we were to keep going until Sensei said stop.  The idea was not to make your partner puke but it was to have them and us take many controlled but stonger than normal hits to the body and light hits to the face.  Even Sensei Gatch put on the pads and jumped in with us.  I ended up hitting him maybe three times for the 15 or 20 that he hit me but netier of us stopped after being hit.

I wish that we had more classes like this since I feel that I don’t get hit enough when we do the point sparring drills.  I was able to commit to my attacks and not hesitate like I do when I spar for points.

It was a good class.

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