OUCH – 10/18/08 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Plocharczyk put us through a serious conditioning class today.

The warm up was a workout in itself…

Sensei had us start with two, back and forth, runs across the gym.  Next, came a shuffle back and forth across the gym.  After that, 100 jumping jacks, 50 crunches and 50 squats.


Sensei Gatch took us through some kihon after our warm up.

We started moving back and forth doing rising block, downward block and reverse punch.  We started in with the rising block and our hips open, we then turned our hips forward and then opened them again for the downward block and then turned them forward again for the reverse punch.

Next came front snap kick to the front and side thrust kick to side.  Then front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the side and back kick to the rear.

Kata with some conditioning…

Sensei Plocharczyk had us hold our balance while others did kata.  The idea was for us to hold our  balance bent over at the waist with our arms out to the side and one leg straight our behind us.  Then is was our turn to do kata and the others had to do the balancing.

The next exercise was one group did kata and the other group did speed squats until they finished.  I was able to do 69 squats in the time it took one of our black belts to finish Kanku Dai.

The last exercise of the day…

Sensei Plocharczyk had us hold our balance with one leg up like a front snap kick, we then had to bend over and touch a pad to the floor, raise upright with a front snap kick, then hold our balance and pass the pad across to our partner.  We had to do this this five times on each leg.

It was a tough class but it felt really good.

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