Kumite drills – 10/7/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on kumite drills today.

We started class with some simple warm up drills with a partner.  Shifting in and out and working on timing and distance.

Take off your belt…

Sensei had us put one of our belts on the floor on the shape of a circle.  He then had one of us stand with one foot inside the belt.  We then did free sparring but the person with their foot in the belt had to keep one foot inside the belt at all times.  The idea was to make both of us work on proper distance.  The person with the foot in the belt could switch feet throw kicks or other attacks but could not attack or counter if the person outside of the belt shifted away too fast.  We did this drill a few times with different partners.

The next drill was a conditioning drill.  Sensei had us put the belt on the floor in a straight line.  One of us stood at one end of the belt and our partner at the other end.  We then had to step back and forth over the belt, very quickly, for 30 second intervals.  After that, we turned sideways and hopped over the belt and back.


We finished up class with some kata.  Sensei Noia always likes us to try to do our best kata at the end of class after we are already tired from what we just did in class.  He had us do our kata with our pads on and I have a very hard time doing it when them on.  My hand pads seem to always get into the way.  I am sure it wasn’t my best kata but I gave it everything I had left.

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