Kihon and the band, elastic band that is – 10/20/08 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien had us start with some kihon to get us warmed up.

Balanced kicks…

Sensei had us start with moving forward and back with some blocks and punches.  Next came the kicks.  We did front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the front and back kick to the rear.  My balance was really off for some reason and I could hardly keep from falling over.

Kata bunkai…

Next, we worked on kata bunkai for Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan and Heian Yondan.  Sensei had us go through each kata, move by move, and he explained a few of the applications of the various moves in each kata.

The sounds of (elastic) bands was all around us…

Sensei had us get into a back stance, then move forward with knife hand block while we had the elastic band around our waist.  When we moved, Sensei had us prepare first, by getting into what looked like a cat stance, when he said one and then we moved forward into the back stance with knife hand block, when he said two, while our partner was pulling the band behind us.  Our parnter then stood in front of us and pulled against us while we did the same movement going backward.

After that, Sensei had us start in a front stance, with our partner behind us again.  From there, we moved forward and threw a front snap kick and then held it when Sensei said one and we then set our foot down in a controlled manner when he said two.

I really like working with the elastic bands and I am glad that the club is going to implement them in our training.

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