Hold that leg up – 10/14/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia gave us an interesting class today.  We warmed up by doing 10 suicides across the gym.  I was ready to go home right after those but there was more to come.

Keep that leg up…

Sensei had us get a partner and pair up in the middle of the dojo.  He then had one of us do a side thrust kick while the other partner ran to the other side of the gym and did their own kata up to the first ki-ai.  The part that made it harder is that Sensei made everyone holding their leg up wait until the highest rank finished their section of kata.  We did this with side thrust kick and some stances.

Kata parts…

For the next part of class, Sensei had us do parts of kata.  For example, we did the punch followed by the block from Bassai Dai.  We then added the second punch and block, then the four back stances with knife hand blocks and finally the low side kick with ki-ai and then the back stance with knife hand block.  He had us work up from one or two moves all the way to the entire group of moves over and over again.

We finished class with one, full power and full speed kata for our belt rank.  It was a pretty tough class but I am sure that it is going to help prepare all us for our upcoming rank test.

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