Go No Sen – 10/24/08 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us start with a bunch of suicides back and forth across the gym.  Next came a bunch of low walks and then low walks with a shuffle up and knee raise to get us all warmed up.

Shifting and go no sen…

Sensei had us shift across the gym a few times.  Next we had to single shift backwards across the gym and when Sensei said go, we shifted forward, blocked and threw a reverse punch.  We spent a good amount of time working on this drill.

We then worked with a partner on go no sen.  We stood in a front stance and our partner threw a single attack and we would block and counter, before they were able to shift out of the way.  We spent the rest of the class working on this one technique and I glad we did because I need it.

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..

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