Exceptional class – 10/30/08 – Thursday Karate class

Exceptional is the only word to use to describe this class.

So many little things to help make our Karate better…

Sensei Cieplik gave us so many bits of good information, I am hoping that I can list all of them here;

  • Higher belts need to apply their knowledge to the lower belt kata’s.
  • At the end of the black belt kata’s, Shodan and above stand up into the ready stance and do not hold the last position like the lower ranks have to do.
  • If the draw hand fist is tilted down the shoulder is not working and the elbow cannot be pulled back.
  • Do not use the chest or rollover the knee when doing blocks.
  • When in a back stance, tension should be behind you with the elbows.
  • Punch from the eye in the back of your elbow.
  • The harder and faster you pull the draw hand back, the harder and faster the punch will come out.
  • Use calm assertiveness.
  • There is a difference between knowing the technique and doing the technique.
  • Take two moves from any kata and create a kihon drill from them.


Sensei had us do our kata’s from Heian Shodan all the way to Kanku Dai.

The difference between higher and lower belts is the higher belt do their kata because they know it and the lower belts think about their kata.

In Bassai Dai, after we do the punch with block and punch with block, we pivot on the ball of the left foot, to point the toes to the left and move into the back stance instead of just stepping into that stance.

This class felt really good!

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