Sparring drills – 9/29/08 – Monday Karate class

Sensei Brien gave us a little different class.  We normally work on kihon and kata but tonight he had us working on some sparring drills.

It’s all in the angles…

For this drill, we got a partner.  We both stood in a front stance, we then shifted straight in with reverse punch then shifted out, we then shifted in again but shifted out on the left angle, and then we shifted in again and out on the right angle.  Our parter had to counter the first and second attack with a back leg roundhouse kick and then the third attack with a front leg roundhouse kick based on the direction we shifted out on.

We then did the same move but our partner could add a single or double counter attack.

Keep that hand up and use it…

Next, we stood in a ready stance but with our left hand up in front of our face.  Our partner then shifted in and threw a jodan or chudan punch and we had to shift back and block it.  This was a really cool drill and almost any hand attack that our partners threw was easily blocked or at least redirected away.

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