Lost in space – 9/30/08 – Tuesday Karate class

I am having a hard time even describing this class.  I was lost in space and even though I could move fairly well, my head was somewhere in the clouds.

It was all downhill from the start…

Sensei Noia has us spend most of the class working on sparring distance drills.  We got a partner and started to work on simple movements like shift in, attack and shift out when our partner gets the right distance away from us.

We have done this drill many times in the past but for some reason, most of the class couldn’t get it.  We were starting too close and even doing simple things like spreading apart, so that we did not run into each other, was hard to do for most of us.

Kata with and without movement…

Kata went better than sparring, at least for me.  Sensei Noia had us do our kata without using our legs meaning we did only the hand movements.  That was kind of neat but we have done that before.

Next, Sensei had us close our eyes and we did the kata in our head without moving our bodies.  Even though we didn’t move, we had to breath as if we were doing our with moves.

The last kata drill was done sitting on the floor.  We were able to the hand movements but with no legs.

I am glad that the kata part of class went better than the sparring drills.

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..

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