Kumite distance – 9/23/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on sparring drills with special attention to the distance between us and our opponent.

Distance is the key…

The main idea behind these drills was to start far enough apart so that neither of us could attack and then move in fast and out faster back to the safe distance.  For the first drill, Sensei had one of stand startionary about eight feet away from our partner, we then started shifting in and once we were at the right distance for an attack, about one shift away, we attacked.

The second part of the drill allowed our parter to block our attacks, if they were able to do so.  Because we were throwing a single attack, a reverse punch, it was fairly easy for our partner to block it.

The third part of the drill allowed our partner to throw the first move if we came in too close without attacking.  They were also able to block and counter our attack if they could.

Free sparring…

We finished up class with some free sparring.  We spent about 30 seconds with our partner and then Sensei had us swtich and get a new partner for another 30 seconds.

I do not feel very proficient in sparring but I do feel that I am finally starting to improve.

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