First class with Sensei Brien – 9/8/08 – Monday Karate class

This was my first class with Sensei Brien and I really enjoyed it.

Lots of Kihon…

We spent the first 30 minutes working on kihon.  We started with the standard horse stance with front punch, then double front punch and sanbon zuki.

Next came stationary front snap kick.  Sensei Brien explained the kick a little different than I have heard before and he said to kick your butt before you kick.  By pulling the lower leg back, it forces you to push your hips and knee forward when kicking.  It also helps make the lower leg whip out.

After that, we did moving forward and backward for 10 reps each with rising, downward and inward block with reverse punch.  We held the front stances for some time after each group of reps.  One really good tip that Sensei gave us was to tighten both the punching hand and draw hand when doing movements punches.  I always tightened my punching hand right before the movement of impact but I never payed much attention to tightening my draw hand too.  It makes that punch feel much stronger just by tightening the draw hand at the right moment.  Give it a try and leave a comment with your opinion if you have a chance.

After a quick water break, we did back stance with knife hand blocks.  We held the back stance for 5 minutes per leg.  My legs were screaming.  A correction that Sensei gave me was to point my draw hand toward the front and not at the angle of my body.  The idea is point my draw hand finger tips at my attacker.


After another quick water break, we went to kata.  We started with Heian Shodan.  We did it a couple of times and then moved on to Heian Sandan.  After that came Heian Yondan.  I was pretty happy with my Heian Yondan and Sensei made a comment that my wife and I did it the way that he wanted it done.  In the third move from the last with the head grab and knee strike, you are supposed to stop and hold, then turn and look and then move into the back stance with knife hand block.  It felt good to do something right being in this class for the first time.  Another thing about Heian Yondan, when doing the head grab and knee strike, it is for breaking the ribs of the attacker with the knee strike.

Next came Jion and Sensei made another point.  With the kick and three punches, near the start of the kata, the punches are all chudon.  The first is to the solar plexus and the second and third are abdominal area.

It was a great class and I am sure that it will help fill some gaps and give me another perspective on my Karate training.

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