Elastic band kumite – 9/26/08 – Friday Karate class

This class was intense.

Sensei Noia had us warm up with a jog back and fourth across the gym five times.

It’s all about the band…

Next, Sensei Noia had us get a partner and one of us took an elastic band. Our partner held the band around our hips and we shifted across the gym.  Shifting with the bands around our hips really stresses the calf muscles in a different when shifting without resistance.

Next, one partner took one handle of the elastic band and I took the other.  We stood back to back and my partner had the handle in his left hand and my handle was in my right hand.   One of us would shift in and reverse punch, then our partner would do the same.

Next, my partner put the band through the back of my belt and I then had to double shift forward and throw a jab and reverse punch while he pulled against me.  My calves were screaming at this point and were just short of cramping.

Free sparring…

Next came a few mintues of free sparring.  After not having the band around my waist or hooked to my belt, I was able to shift in and out with more distance and spring than before.  I need to find some way to incorporate this training into my home training.

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