Kihon, the same but different – 9/27/08 – Saturday Karate class

Sensei Plocharczyk had us working on some different but similar kihon drills.

Kihon, the same but different…

The reason I said the same but different is because we have done these moves many times before but not in this order.

The first drill was right leg front snap kick to front, right leg side thrust kick to right corner, step back with right leg, throw a left hand back fist and right hand reverse punch.  Then wash, rinse and repeat, I mean, we did the same but started with the left leg.

Next, we did right leg front snap kick, right leg side thrust kick to corner, step backward with the right leg into front stance with and inward block, then move toward the left corner into a horse stance with and elbow strike and back fist then step into front stance with a reverse punch.  We alternated between left and right foot in front.

One-step sparring…

For this drill, Sensei Plocharczyk had us get a partner and work on one-step sparring but instead of doing the standard block and counter attacks, he had us other movements.  These could be movements from out kata or kihon moves that we normally do not do when doing one-step.  For example, when my partner would throw a front snap kick, I would shift out to the side and catch his leg with my arm and then lift up, like the move in Bassai Dai, and then sweep his stationary leg.  I didn’t complete the movement on my partner since we didn’t want to hurt each other but that movement in particular works just like it looks.

Do your push ups…

During class, Sensei had us do five sets of 10 push ups between our various drills.  At the end of class, Sensei had us do five more sets of 10 push ups but within a few minutes.  We did one set and then he had us rest for maybe 15 seconds and then we did 10 more until we did a total of 50.

It was a really good class.

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