Outside conditioning on the hill again – 8/2/08 – Saturday Karate class

Saturday, in the park, think it was the 4th of July…

Sorry, that old song popped in my head when I thought about the tourture that Sensei Gatch put us through on the hill today.

Warm up that never ended…

For the warm up, we started by jogging down the hill, up the other side and then around the soccer field.  Next we went back to the bottom of the hill in groups of three.  One of us would sprint to the top of the hill, then walk back down and tag our partner who would then do the same and so on.

After that came front stance up and down the hill, then shuffle into horse stance up and down the hill and finally back stance up and down the hill.

We then walked over the bleachers where we had to jump on to the bottom seat and off for 15 jumps total.  Next, back to the hill for low walks and then bear crawls up and down.

We finally finished up with a cool down jog across the soccer field.

The more I think about it, torture might have been too light of a word for what we did today.

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