Kicking the pads is always good – 8/28/08 – Thursday Karate class

Getting things warmed up…

Sensei Wail started us off with a good warm up.  He had us doing alternating front snap kicks and then he had us do a movement where we raise our legs up from the side like a roundhouse kick to get the hips and core warmed up.

The next movement was hard for me.  Sensei told us to shuffle up, do a front leg roundhouse kick, shuffle back and then switch legs.  I was focusing on my kicks so intensely that I keep forgetting to change my feet after each kick.

Kicking was the subject of this class…

Sensei Wail had us start by moving slowly from a horse stance and the slowly do a side thrust kick.  Doing the movements slowly make them so much harder for me but if they can be executed well when done slowly, doing them fast will be so much better.

Next, we partnered up and got a pad.  The first exercise was leg circles around the pad that our partner was holding.  Sensei had us do them clockwise with our heel leading the movement.

After those, our partner held the pad and we did hook kicks.  The is one of the first times that I recall doing hook kicks on a pad and Sensei had our partner hold them low so that we could get some good power behind them.  He said to hit the pad with our heel.  I would guess that a kick like this to the knee, thigh or groin area would be very painful.

Some conditioning too…

Sensei had us stay with our partner for some conditioning drills.  While one partner did squats, the other partner held the side plank position.  We then switched places with our partner.  When our partner did the side plank for the other side, Sensei had us do side squats.  We started in the standing postion, moved one leg out to the side and squated in that direction.  I found this movement very interesting because it not only helps strengthen the hips, it also opens the hips up which is always a good thing for me.

Time to kick the big pads now…

Sensei let work on the the big pads next.  We started with front snap kicks.  I really feel that my front snap kick is my best kick and now that I know how to put my hips into them, they feel stronger than ever.

The next kick on our agenda was roundhouse kick.  I was really happy with my right leg roundhouse.  It was over belt level and it felt like there was finally something behind it.  My leg leg was a different story and it felt like there was nothing behind it.

We finished up the pad drills with side thrust kicks.  Those were certainly my weakest kicks and I really need to spend some extra time working on those.  They seem okay when I throw them at knee or average thigh level but anything about and they are weak and have little accuracy.

Some stretches to finish things up…

Sensei had us sit on the floor with our partner and put our legs out in the split postion.  He than had our partner put thier feet just below our knees.  He then had them push our legs out and hold it.  After a little time, he told them to push while we resisted for five seconds and after we relaxed again, he told our partner to push our legs out a little farther.   He had us do this three times.  After our legs were out in the farthest position, he had our parnter move our legs back in so that we wouldn’t pull any mucles trying to do it ourselves.

It was a good class and even though we did a lot of kicks, I was still able to walk to the car and then into the house without much pain.

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