Karate Olympics again – 8/12/08 – Tuesday Karate class

Was it Deja Vu or a bad dream?

Just when I thought it was over, it happened again…

Our class today was a repeat of the Saturday class.  Sensei Gatch had us do the same Karate Olympics that we did on Saturday.  You can read all about it on my previous post http://www.shotokanplanet.org/?p=322 .

We did the same four events and my results were as follows:

For the push up contest I was only about to muster up fifth place with 54 total push ups after across the two of the three 30 second sets.

For the V-sit event, I came in second place after holding my position for about seven minutes.

In the wall sit, I made it for almost three minutes but still had to do 50 squats since a couple people held out for 10 minutes.

In the sprint, I lost again and by just a nose.  I really need to spend some time working on my sprinting in the future.

Finish with kata…

Instead of doing Heian Shodan today, we did our own belt kata.  My Bassai Dai felt pretty good overall but I was just happy to be able to complete it.

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