Getting ready for rank exams – 8/19/08 – Tuesday Karate class

This is Sensei Noia’s first class since his wedding so it was good have him back.  Congrats to him and Beth.

Sensei Noia started us up with a hard warm up again.

Hard warm ups…

He had us get a partner and one of us did squats while the other ran to the far side of the gym and did 10 push up and then run back.  We then switched with our partner they did the run and push ups.  We did that a few times and then he had us substitute sit ups for the push ups.  I was pretty warmed up at that point.

Like a kick but different…

Sensei had us get on the floor in the crab walk position.  He then had us put one leg up in front with our knee bent, we then slowly extend leg like a front snap kick.  The part that made this drill so hard was keeping the leg up and our backs straight.  We did 10 repetitions on each leg.

Next we stood facing a wall but very close to it.  Sensei than had us hold the wall with both hands and do a slow motion roundhouse kick.  The idea behind holding the wall was to make sure that we kept our body in alignment when doing the roundhouse kicks.

Hip conditioning…

The next two drills were for our hips.  We stood next to the wall, put on hand on it for balance and then brought our leg up like a front snap kick.  We then pushed our knee forward and up.  This drill really opened up the hips but it was really hard to do.

The next movement was similar but we did squats with on leg.  We started with one hand on the wall again but this time, we stood on one leg, then bent it like a squat then from the lowest point we brought our leg back up, into what was like a front snap kick and extended our knee forward and up again like in the movement above.  I said that the last move was hard but this movement was exponentially worse.

Stance training…

Sensei had us get into a good front stance and our partner then placed a pad in front of our knee.  Our partner makes sure that our knee stays near or touching the pad while we do strikes of our choice for about a minute or longer.

Next came back stance move into cat stance while our partner holds a  pad above our head.  Each time Sensei counts, we move from a back stance into a cat stance while keeping our head at the same level.  I am really lacking when it comes to this movement.  My ankles are not cooperating while doing this and I need to find some way to compensate while doing movements like these.

Finish up with some more hip work…

For the last 10 minutes of class Sensei had our partner hold a pad in front of us, we then put our leg up like a side thrust kick and we made a circle around the pad while keeping our extened leg straight.  This movement is pure torture and part way through the drill, my hips totally cramped up.   I was able to continute after a short rest but I really need to strenghten my hips if I plan on doing these drills.

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