Conditioning at the Karate Olympics – 8/9/08 – Saturday Karate class

Four events means a lot of hard work…

In honor of the Olympics, Sensei Gatch held our own Karate Olympics.  This was an hour of all out conditioning that put Karate student against Karate student.

Three sets of timed push ups to failure…

We started with push ups.  For the first part of this three part event, Sensei had us do as many push ups and we could for 30 seconds.  I ended up with 34, the most in the group, in the first 30 seconds.  On the second 30 second test, I was able to do 22 push ups, which was the most in my group again.  For the third part of the event, I was only able to do 13 push ups.  One of the other students beat me on the third part by doing 16 push ups but my total of 69 beat his total of 67.  My arms and front deltoids were pretty much useless after the push ups.

V-sit and hold forever…

For the next event we got on to the floor and had to hold our legs up in the v-situp position for as long as possible.  I ended up winning this event by holding the position for longer than anyone else and over five minutes.  My abdominals never gave out buy my hip flexors felt like they were beaten with stick.

Wall sit or the dreaded invisible chair…

For this event we had to sit with our backs against the wall and hold for as long as possible.  Because my hip flexors already spent, I was only able to hold the position for about two minutes and 30 seconds.  I had to 50 squats because of the length of time that I held myself up.

Sprint or go home…

The last event was a good ole fashioned foot race.  Sensei Gatch put some pads as a finish line about three quarters of way across the gym.  We had to run agaist each other and the people who lost had to go to the other side of the gym and do low walks until everyone was done running the races.  I ended up losing to a young girl who is about 26 years younger than me but only by a couple of inches.


After all the events we had to do a single kata.  Without much energy left, we all did Heian Shodan and even though I was really tired, it felt really smooth and relaxed.  Maybe I need to tire myself out for the next tournament or exam so that I can be so relaxed for kata?

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3 Responses to “Conditioning at the Karate Olympics – 8/9/08 – Saturday Karate class”
  1. is shotokan is under karate or judo?

  2. doug says:


    Shotokan is a Karate style founded by Gichin Funakosi around 1936.


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