Wrist and joint locks – 7/8/08 – Tuesday Karate class.

Tai Chi update…

First, Tai Chi update from yesterday.  Mostly the same moves as the week before.  The main movement that we do is raised hands and stance.  This, from what I understand is the first movement of the forms that we are learning.  This was the last class of this session and hopefully our instructor will be able to teach another session for the rest of the summer otherwise my wife and I will be doing Tai Chi on our own for seven weeks until the fall session starts up.

Many wrist and joint locks in Karate class tonight…

The classes where we work on self defense moves really fascinates me since I really have never applied the moves that we learn in the real world.  I guess I am lucky that I haven’t had to use what I have learned but doing many of these movements with a partner helps to understand Karate in more detail.

Sensei Noia had us get a partner and they would grab our wrist.  We started with the attacker grabbing my left wrist with their right hand.  I would then put my right hand over their right hand an turn our their wrist and arm, the way that it shouldn’t bend.  In order for this to work, I grabbed their palm with my two index fingers and pushed the back of their hand with my two thumbs while turning the arm to my right.

Instead of breaking away like we did last week, the object here was to keep the attacker from attacking.  I guess that came out a little wrong but the idea is to make them not want to attack you because they cannot since they are in either too much pain or in a bad position to launch an attack.

We spent most of the class working on similar movements but different attacks such as someone grabbing our gi or cross body wrist grabs.  The movements are all very similar with the point being locking up the joints and wrists.

I wish that I could explain these movements in better detail but I think that I am going to have to begin doing these movements in front of the video camera so that I can share them with all of you.

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