Commit to your attack – 7/12/08 – Saturday Shotokan Karate class.

This was a fun class today!


Sensei Gatch to us for the first half of the class and had us work on kata. Since this was the advanced class, he started with Jion. For the first kata, he had us do it at normal speed. The next kata, he had us do each move as fast as we could but then stop and settle before moving to the next move. The idea was to do each movement as fast as possible but from a dead stop. He then had us do the next kata to his count but focusing on our best stances and technique. We then did the kata at our own pace again.

Get your pads on for some sparring drills…

For the second half of the class, Sensei Plocharczyk had us work on some one-step sparring. We paired up and did the normal six attacks which consists of jodan level front punch, chudan level front punch, chudan front snap kick, chudan side thrust kick, roundhouse kick to chudan or jodan and spinning back kick. Those were the basic movements to get us coordinated for what was to come next.

Sensei had us work on one-step with a twist. Instead of doing the moves from a stationary ready stance, he had us start the block and counter from a fighting stance position. This drill resembled free sparring but with knowledge of the upcoming attack. This got a nit more interesting when our attackers would do one move and then follow it up with another movement right after. The chances of getting hit was almost 100 percent at that point and I got hit with a bunch of punches and kicks.

Commit to your attack…

Sensei noticed that when some of us, including myself, would get hit and not attack. It was common for us to not commit to our attacks or counters because of fear that we would get hit again. He said that if we never get hit, we are not going to be able to respond to a real life attack if the time ever comes. Even if we get hit and it hurts, it should not stop us from countering. We need to keep our mind focused on what is happening even after the attack that hit us and commit to our attack knowing that there is a chance that we will get hit again.

I have gotten more than a few times when doing free sparring with some of the other students and since I had my ribs hurt, I have been shy when it comes to committing to my attacks since I am afraid that my ribs are going to get hurt again. It sounds like I have my work cut out for me.

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