Saturday Karate class – 6/14/08 – The dojo floor is pretty hard.

Sometimes, during Saturday classes Sensei Plocharczyk will have us do some self defense moves. I really like classes since I see how to apply the moves in my kata’s with more detail and explanation.

We started with a brisk warm up and then got right to it. Sensei had us get a partner and pad and line up across from each other. For the first movement, he had us both stand in a horse stance, our partner would hold the pad and we would shuffle in behind them, but only half way to get beyond their center of gravity, and throw something like a downward block but ending with the hand in the hammer fist position. The idea was to give them a hip check, get down low enough to come up under their hip, put our foot a little past their center of gravity and then hit them with the downward hammer fist and throw them down to the floor. We didn’t take our partner down but we worked on both parts of the movement, the stance and arm motions and then put it together. Sensei demonstrated the movement on my me and I ended up looking at the ceiling a couple of times which explains the title above about the dojo floor being pretty hard. The floor really isn’t that hard but I like to throw in a little drama every now and then when I type here.

Next came a movement that was very similar, except we did a ridge hand to our partners upper chest and started in a front stance instead of a horse stance. In this movement, we still used the hip check and the horse stance but used the other arm to throw the ridge hand. I seemed to be able to do the stance or the ridge hand separately but doing the movement in a fluid motion escaped me for some reason. I ended up using my upper body more than anything and I think I could get my horse stance low enough because my legs were still extremely sore from last nights class.

Next came the test of what we learned. Sensei had a couple of pads on the floor and we were able to test our newly learned skills. I was able to take down my partners but I was using more upper body power than anything. I need to spend some time working on this movement. I also think that applying Sensei Cieplik’s salad bowl movement when getting into the horse stance would help me make this movement more effective.

We also spent some time on conditioning and did a kata but I wasn’t able to squeeze the floor too well when I did Jion since my legs were screaming from last night.

It was another excellent class.

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