Heian kata bunkai – 6/28/08 – Saturday Karate class.

Since testing is over for all of us, Sensei Plocharczyk has been showing us more self defense movements. I have memorized the moves for all of my kata’s but I have to admit that I know very little about the bunkai or application of the kata even after four years now.

I am having a very hard time explaining these movements in text but I try my best.

Heian Shodan

Sensei had us partner up and then spread apart and did Heian Shodan. He then had us get back together and had us do the second, third and forth moves of the kata. The idea was to use the downward block (second move) as a pull. We would pull our opponent toward us, then go into the the other downward block (third move) and then pull them up into the hammer fist position and take them down with it. The idea is to whip them around and then take them down by using there energy against them.

Next, Sensei had us do Heian Nidan and then partner up again. I cannot even think of how to explain this one but if I do, I will edit this at a later time.

Heian Sandan

We then did Heian Sandan. For that, we started with the movement where we do the nukite. Our partner grabbed our hand, the one in the nukite position, then we twisted our arm behind us, stepped into a horse stance and took them down over our leg with the backfist movement.

Heian Yondan

Our last bunkai was from Heian Yondan. This was a fairly simple movement but effective. We started with the first move of the kata where our arms come up in front. Our opponent tries to get us in a bear hug. We then moved one arm upward, under their armpit, then with the other hand, we grab behind their head and try to point the top of their head at their knee. This movement makes them roll on to the floor very easily.

Most of these movements use out opponents energy against them so even if our opponent is much larger than us, we can still take them down.

I am sorry if my explanations aren’t the best but I will try to find a way to explain these in more detail going forward.

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