Tuesday Karate Class – 5/6/08 – Advanced class is good.

I might have mentioned this before but for the last six or eight months, my wife, son and I assist Sensei Noia on Tuesdays and Fridays and Sensei Gatch and Sensei Plocharczyk on Saturdays with Karate classes. Before Tuesday classes start, I get to the gym a little early so that I can do my kata before I help out. I do all of the kata that I know from Heian Shodan all the way up to Jion. I always do this so that all of the katas are fresh in mind just in case I need to help show the students how to do them.

I was just finishing up Jion and a couple of students walked in a little early and asked me to come over by them. They said that they only saw that last part of my kata and could I do it again. Of course, I said yes and I ended up doing one of the best Jion’s that I felt I have ever done. I just goes to show how much the mental part plays in Karate. I should be able to do a kata like that all the time but for some reason, it has to be my mindset, something holds me back.

I plan on spending the next month or as long as it takes, working on finding out how I can make my mind work like it did during that kata. If I can find the switch or trigger, I want to try and replicate it and turn that switch on during class, at the tournaments and during my exam.
We took the advanced class tonight since my son is now a third kyu and eligible to take it.

Two words to describe it, Excellent Class!!!

This was one of the classes to write home about. So many things about it was just right, I hope I can remember all of it.

We started in a horse stance and ended up doing 250 moves. We got a short break after every 50 moves but it was equal to about eight minutes in a horse stance.

During the class Sensei Noia had us all work on our Japanese. He would say the movements in Japanese and we had to do them.  We went through all of the basic movements for our upcoming exam.  I really need to start using Japanese when typing here so over next week, I am going to start doing so.  We went through all the block punch combinations and kicks.

We finished up the class with kata.  At the very end Sensei Noia told us to do one all out kata, the best that we could even though we were all very tired.  I was able to get through about half of the kata and then I noticed that my power was dropping off.  I was able to keep most of my form but it felt weak.  I do not feel too bad since I really didn’t get winded until the last few minutes of a very hard class.

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