Tuesday Karate Class – 5/20/08 – Good class but bad me.

We had a really good class today but I off for some reason.  I wasn’t what I would call bad but I wasn’t on like I was during Friday class.  I do have to admit that I didn’t take class on Saturday because I was so sore from Friday class.  I had a hard time walking all day Saturday.

My moves felt good but my mind wasn’t where is should have been.  I had focus but I couldn’t really hold it and I was having a hard time with some of my Japanese terms.  I am fine if someone says the term and I have to do it but the combinations tonight were confusing me for some reason.

My hips and lower back were really tight tonight.  I am not sure why but I could hardly bend over before class and I also had an odd pain in my left foot.  It felt like I was stepping on marble for most of the class.

After our combinations, we did some pad work.  Sensei Noia had us partner up, grab a foam pad and work on our standing punch.  He wanted us to make power from our upper body without using our hips or twisting our torso.  From what Sensei Noia told me, getting the speed up is more important when doing the punch.  If you let your body and arm go loose, it will let the punch fly out and it does.  I held the pad with Sensei Noia explained it to me and I have to admit, I can believe how much power he had even when throwing a very short punch like that.  It felt as if his hand went through the pad an into my abdomen.  All I can say is that if he can generate that much power with a punch that starts on a few inches away, I don’t even want to feel what his punch is like when he puts his hips and his whole body into it.

I felt that I redeemed myself with the pad work so overall, I wasn’t as bad and I thought I was.

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