Tuesday Karate Class – 5/13/08 – What a great Sensei.

Another excellent class.

Sensei Noia had us work on our kihon for about 80% of the class.  We did many combinations, all in Japanese again.  Having to translate and think about what move to do takes my mind off of the movements themselves.  This makes the movements come so much more naturally for me.  Instead of being robotic and tense, my moves flow, almost automatically.

For example, Sensei Noia would say, zenkutsu dachi (front stance) with gedan barai (downward block) and gyaku zuki (reverse punch).   He then got more creative and would make us really think about some moves.  Another example is hidari (left), kokutsu dachi, shuto uke, kizami (front) leg, mawashi geri(roundhouse) kick.  Normally we would do a similar movement but instead of the kizami (front) mawashi geri, we would do a kizami mae geri (front snap) kick.

One of the more confusing movements for me at first was the hidari (left) kiba dachi (horse stance or straddle leg stance).  The idea is to turn the body 90 degrees with the left leg in front when doing the horse stance.

After that, we spent some time working on our kata.  We did our own kata  a couple of times to finish up.  After all of the combinations we did, kata was somewhat hard and it didn’t feel as natural as the kihon since I was back to focusing on the movements and not just doing them.

Here is what makes Sensei Noia such a good Sensei.  He brought a bunch of index cards and gave each of us four of them.  He then told us all of the terms that we might encounter at our upcoming exam and had us write them down.  All the blocks, kicks, stances, punches and other terms.  It just shows how much he wants us to succeed at our exams and certainly makes me glad that I take his classes.

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