Friday Karate Class – 5/16/08 – More Japanese Kihon and kata.

This class was different for some reason. For the first time, I felt that my kihon was better than ever before. I don’t recall ever doing my kihon like I did tonight. My hips were working, my mawashi geri (roundhouse) and yoko kekomi geri (side thrust kicks) felt smooth and powerful and my punches and blocks were coming from the ground up instead of just my upper body.

I did visit Dr. Pusateri this morning and he made a lot of adjustments so that could have had something to do with it but class felt just right.

I am not saying it was an easy class because it was very hard. We did a lot of Kihon and almost the entire class was in Japanese.  Sensei Noia gave us some odd combinations that I don’t recall us doing the past.

We did things like moving forward, zenkutsu dachi, age uke, soto uke, gadan beri, uchi uke with gayki zuki.  We also did zenkutsu dachi with oi zuki, kokutsu dachi with age uke and kosa dachi with soto uke.

We various combinations for most of the class and then finished up with some kata.  Sensei watched my wife and I tonight to see how our Jion looked and he said we were both fine.  It might have been that we were just off yesterday for some reason.  We did three or four Kata total at the end of class and with the exception of one of them, they all felt pretty good.

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