Tuesday Karate Class – 4/8/08 – Lots of kihon and some kata.

Very hard class but good!

We spent almost the entire class doing kihon and a lot of it.

We started out with a horse stance doing punches and blocks.  Then moving forward with front punch and then triple punch.  After that came moving forward and backward, rising block, downward block, inward block and outward block.

Next came the kicks;

Moving forward, front snap kick, then double front snap kick, then roundhouse kick and double roundhouse kick.   We also did front snap kick with side thrust kick to the front.  Then came front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, back kick and then roundhouse kick.

Then back to a horse stance and stepping sideways, side thrust kick, then side snap kick.

After all the kicks, we moved into a back stance.  Moving forward and backward with knife hand block.  Next, we did the same move but with a front snap kick and ending in a nukite.

Next came, outward block, move into horse stance, elbow strike and finish with a backfist.

Once all of the basics were done, we did kata.  At the point, Sensei Noia had us do Heian Shodan but I was having a really hard time.  Both my body and my mind were spent and I could not concentrate after all the kihon.  We did it a second time and then we did our own belt kata.  My Jion felt better than Heian Shodan for some reason.  Maybe I was just on autopilot at that moment.

That was one of the first classes where my mind and body seemed to be exhausted.  Oddly enough, after class, I didn’t feel too bad overall.

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