Tuesday Karate Class – 4/22/08 – Kihon and Kata.

Good class.

We spent most of the class working on kihon and a lot of it.  We went through all of the moves that are required for our test.

One thing that I realyl enjoy is that Sensei Noia has us start with the most simple movements.  I feel that this is extremely important since the simple combinations are fundamental movements that need to be practiced no matter what rank you achieve.  I have always felt that I never spent enough time working on the combinations over the last few years and intend on adding them to my training outside the Dojo going forward.  If I had spent more time working on the kicking combinations, my kicks might be than they are today.

We did moving forward and backward, rising block, downward block and inward block with reverse punch.  We then did one of my favorite movements, outward block with jab and reverse punch.  I really like the feel of that movement since it makes my hips work like they should.  We also did inward block, horse stance with elbow strike and reverse punch.  I need some work on that movement but it has improved.   Next came back stance with knife hand block, then we added the nukite and then we added the front snap kick both forward and backward.  The movement with the front snap kick added has always been hard for me but I am starting to finally get the hang of it.

We then worked on our kicks.  We did double front snap kick, then double roundhouse kick, then front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick combinations.  After that came front snap kick to the front with a side thrust kick to the front.  Next came side thrust kick to the front and roundhouse to the front and then the same move but in reverse order.

We finished up class with some kata.  I did Jion first and both Sensei Noia and Sensei Plocharczyk said that I did the best front punch that they have ever seen me do at the point of the first kiai in Jion.  I will remember that compliment for some time.  Next, Sensei Noia had me do Tekki Shodan and another Jion since we might be asked for an additional kata at our exam.  Sensei Gatch said that my Tekki Shodan was really good so overall, the day turned out great.

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