Tuesday Karate Class – 4/15/08 – Some days just are not good.

There are few days when I say I had a bad day at Karate but today was one of them.

I started class feeling really good. My hips felt better than before and everything was just feeling right but that just didn’t last. I did all of the kata that I know earlier today and they felt great. I was really ready for the upcoming tournament and don’t recall feeling “on” like this before. For the first time in a while, I felt that trained hard enough to do well at the tournament and even had my mind made up on winning.

Sensei Noia had us get our pads on as class started and then we were going to work on kihon and kata.

We started out doing some anchor man drills. It was good and I was able to throw a really nice front leg front snap kick. It was very fast and clean and I was able to do it without even thinking about it. After going against about eight people, we broke up into a larger group. I ended up sparring a young man that is a good fighter but lacks control and unfortunately for me, I caught a full power side thrust kick to the ribs.

One of the reasons that I do not like to spar is because I don’t like how point sparring and real fighting are not understood by some people. I am always overly careful not to hurt the people I spar with and I always use only enough power to score the point. My instincts told me not to spar today and I guess I should listened.

The worse part is that I also did something to my foot, I guess I didn’t notice because of my ribs, so now I have sore ribs and bad foot too. I was really psyched up and now this happens. I am going to have to rethink my strategy about sparring and Karate in general. I won’t retaliate against someone for hurting me in class just because they are careless and have no control but I also won’t subject my body to that type of abuse much more. At my age, if I need to get hurt like that, it is because someone is threatening my life and not because some kid cannot control his kicks.

As you can tell, I am really discouraged, disgusted and angry. I know this will pass and my sore body will heal sooner or later but for now, this rant makes me feel a little better.

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..


2 Responses to “Tuesday Karate Class – 4/15/08 – Some days just are not good.”
  1. Steve says:

    That sucks. I hope you’re just a little sore. Rib injuries can be nagging and persistent.

  2. doug says:

    Thanks Steve.

    I went to see my chiropractor and found out that one rib was pushed in and my ribcage was torqued and twisted. He was able to pull out the rib and get things fixed up but I am still going to keep clear of sparring until my exam in about a month.

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