Thursday Karate Class – 4/10/08 – More new moves and some old moves too.

Sensei Cieplik has been showing us some new movements fairly often.  I guess I should call them new combinations since the moves are the same.  Doing certain moves in different order really makes the mind work.

We started with our normal front kicks during our warm up. Next came front kick with back kick.   Sensei said as soon as the leg comes back from the front snap, just let the back kick go.  That felt much different than I was used to and the power felt much greater than before.  It’s as if I am using the snap back from the front kick to start the back kick.

Next, we did horse stance, front leg, or side we were facing, side snap kick, step accross side thrust kick.  Next came horse stance, front leg front snap kick with step behind back kick.  That movement was really different.  This movement felt very powerful.

Next, we did, front leg front snap kick, back leg front snap kick, putting the back leg back behind and then reverse punch.  The mental concentration here is much more than the physical part.

We then worked on some punches, moving forward, jab with reverse punch.  Then, moving forward, reverse punch, jab, reverse punch.  This movement was a bit hard to do at first but once we got our minds around it, it wasn’t too bad.

Another new combination was moving forward, front leg front snap kick, step then sanbon zuki.  This wasn’t too hard but it was different.

After that, we moved on to kata.  We did Hiean Shodan a couple of times.  Sensei made the point of having everyone do the blocks with two hands.  I have always done this from almost the time when I started so it wasn’t anything really new but I did concentrate more on my hands then before.

Next came Heian Sandan and Sensei made the recommendation of doing a three quarter front stance between horse stance and front stance.  This allows the body to come around very quickly and powerful.

Next came Jion and some Bassai Dai.  Even though Bassai Dai is not my current kata, it is good to be getting a head start on it.

It was a great class and it always leaves me looking forward to the next class.

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..

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