Saturday Karate class – 4/12/08 – Kihon and basics.

We did much of the same basics that we did last night.  Sensei Gatch had us do a few more since the gym that we use on Saturday is longer than the one that we are at on Friday.

We did a lot of work on our kicks, which is always good for me and a lot of combination movements.   It was funny, whenever Sensei would stop to talk, he would do it when we had our left leg forward.  Standing and holding the front stance for so much time was pure torture.  I did tell him about it and he then started talking when we had the right foot forward to even them out.  We spent three quarters of the class on kihon and test preparation.

For some reason, we did a lot of push ups throughout this class.  At least 50 or more.

After our basics, we moved on to kata.  Sensei sent us out by rank.  Again, when I did my Jion, I need more hip rotation.

One really good thing that Sensei Gatch commented on was about kicks.  He made the comment that when we do a side thrust kick, the higher our knee is in front, the higher the side kick will be.  I need to experiment on my stretching a bit to see if I can improve my knee height.

Good class again.

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