Friday Karate Class – 4/4/08 – Better sparrng for me.

Sensie Noia spent most of the class working on sparring drills with us.

There are times when I really don’t like to spar. It’s not that I am afraid but I often feel that I am not improving at the same rate as I do with kihon and kata. I was talking with my chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Pusateri, about sparring since he is also into Karate for many years and I made the comment that when I fight, I am used to getting hit and then hitting back and that is why I am do not enjoy sparring.

When I was younger, my mother always told me, first to ignore bad people but if I had to fight, I should not throw the first punch. I have gone through life with that in mind and I have a very hard time punching someone if they have not hit me first. Even if they do hit me first, I still would rather not hit them back when sparring but I do try.

The good part about this is that after talking to Dr. Pusateri, I realized that my problem or whatever it is. With that in mind, I had one of the better sparring sessions that I remember. I was able to score the first point more than once with different opponents. I am certainly no superman but just realizing what I was doing seems to have helped.

We started with some simple partner back and forth drills. My partner would attack and I would block, we then reset and my partner would block and I would attack. We did that drill a few times and then moved on to drills were we both attacked and blocked. We then did the same type of drill but worked on blocks and counters.

We then did the same drill but moved to a new partner. We ended up working with at least 12 different people while moving down the line.

We finished class with our back against that wall.  Sensei had us get into a front stance and put our back foot against the wall.  From that position, our partner had 30 seconds to throw as many attacks as possible.  To the head and body, the punches were flying and both my partner and I did get hit.  The idea was to keep focus, even after getting hit and continue to block without giving up.  We did this two time but the second time, we were able to use kicks.  When time came for me to be attacked, Sensei Gatch came over to throw kick after kick at me.  It was pretty funny but I certainly did not give up.

It was a great class and hopefully it is a positive turning point for my sparring abilities.

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