Friday Karate class – 4/18/08 – Lots of kihon and pushed in ribs.

I went to see my chiropractor, Doc Pusateri today and found out that I had a pushed in rib and my ribcage was torqued on my left side.  He just put his finger on my side and knew from my yelp what was wrong.  He was able to put the rib back in place and un-torque my ribcage in about five minutes and then he worked on my parts like always.  The pain was almost totally gone by the time I walked out of his office.  It was still there but only about 10 percent of what it was just a little while before.

I helped out with the two classes before mine like I do every week and wasn’t going to take my class since I didn’t want to hurt myself again.  I couldn’t just sit and watch so I ended up doing kihon for about half the class but I took it easy because Sensei Noia said to.  The combination moves did stress my ribs somewhat but not enough to cause any real pain like I felt in class last night.  We did some kicking combinations too and those are starting to finally improve.  I didn’t use any power on my moves and I did notice that my form improved a great deal.  I am going to have to evaluate my power output and consider taking it down a notch to improve my technique.

We finished up class with kata and I did Jion.  Again, it was a weak version of Jion, at least for me but I was able to complete the entire kata without too much pain.

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