Tuesday Karate class – 3/18/08 – Kihon and Jion.

We started out with a really good warm up from Sensei Plocharczyk.  He has us do more dynamic movements and it seems to help my hips for class.  He had us do a lot of hip rotations, torso movements where we bend at the hips and rotate out uppers bodies around, side, front and back leg raises along with neck and hand stretches.

Since testing is coming up, Sensei Noia had us work on some basics.  He started us in a back stance and had us move forward with knife hand blocks.  We spent most of the time that we worked on our kihon in a back stance.  We did moving forward, knife hand block with spear hand and the same move but we added the front leg front snap kick.  One problem that Sensei Noia found is that I am turning on the ball of my foot instead of my heel.  When moving from the back stance to front stance with the spear hand, my power was almost nothing since I am turning on the ball of my foot which is causing me to move backwards and away from the strike.  It’s just another detail that I need to fix.

After that, Sensei split us into groups for kata.  One advantage of belonging to such a large Karate club is that we have a large group of instructors and assistant instructors.  Because of this, we often have a different Sensei explain the same idea a different way.  This is a great deal of help to me since there are times when I “just don’t get it” but if I hear the same thing explained in a little different way, it clicks.  For the longest time, Sensei Noia told me to tuck my butt under when in a horse stance but I never understood how to do it.  One day, Sensei Plocharczyk said to push the knot of my belt forward when in a horse stance and from that point, I understood.  It’s not that either explanation was right or wrong, the result was the same but it was just said to me in a different way that I could understand and apply.

Tonight was one of those moments.  We were working with Sensei Buss and he said something that helped my Jion a great deal.  When turning from the horse stance with palm strike to the back stance with double block, he said to turn or pivot on the heel.  I have been turning on the middle or even the ball of my foot when doing this for as long as I remember.  I know that Sensei Noia and Sensei Gatch have told me to how to do this move many times over but it didn’t sink in until now.  Sensei Buss also explained that I need to use my hips to bring my body around and to stop the movement before falling over backwards.

Great class.

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