Tuesday Karate class – 3/11/08 – Kihon, kata and an incredible sight.

I enjoyed this class a great deal.

I have always felt that my kihon could inprove and I really like when spend time working on fundamentals.  Sensei Noia has us start with downward block and reverse punch.  For the first 10 moves, he had us go slowly and told us to pay attention to our stances and hip rotation.  Hip rotation is not my strong point but doing the moves this way really made me focus more than usual.  After completing those 10 moves, we did full speed and power for six more moves.  After the sixth move, Sensei had us hold our stance for a 10 count and then step forward and hold for 10 more seconds with the other leg.  We did the same sequence of moves but substituted outward block, inward block and rising block each time.  I really like doing this an hope to do something similar on the days that I do not have class.

After the kihon, Sensei split us up into groups by rank for kata.  Sensei Gatch ended up with my wife and I and we worked on Jion for the rest of the class.  Sensei Gatch gave me some good things to work on.  First, I need to work on the back stance double block movement.  He wants me to start in a back stance, moving forward into another back stance and do the double block.  After a few times, he wants me to do the same thing but moving backwards.   Next, he wants me to work on the transition from the double block to the horse stance.  I need to focus on my shift from the back stance so he had my hold my hand on the same side as my back leg, pickup the front foot and shift.  It  certainly sounds easier than it is to me.  Next, he wants me to work on the three palm strikes because my legs are finishing after the hand movements.  It is a timing issue and I need to just practice them more.  Also, when doing the double outward blocks, I need to make the movements more circular instead of forward.  I am pushing my fists out in front instead of blocking to the sides.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Now for the incredible sight part.  I stuck around to watch the advanced class for while.  This was one of the most interesting classes that I have seen yet and I really wish I would have taken it.  Sensei Noia had everyone do all the katas up to their own belt rank and then down again.  I know that it doesn’t sound incredible but what I saw was incredible to me.  Sensei Plocharczyk did all eight of the kyu kata and at least four or five black belt katas and back down again.  From his first punch in Heian Shodan on the first kata to his last punch after 20 plus katas, I would not want to be hit by it.  His timing might have slowed a little and his form was a little relaxed after doing so many katas but I am certain that his strikes and kicks would still have done damage.  It was one of the most impressive displays of Karate that I have ever seen and hope that one day, I will be able to do something similar.

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