Friday Karate class – 3/7/08 – Sparring drills.

We spent the entire class working on sparring drills.

Sensei Noia had us pair up and work on different techniques than we normally work on.  We started out trading kicks and punches where one partner would shift in and attack while the other would stay stationary.  The idea was to make sure that our moves were accurate before moving on to the more technical work.

We then worked on some combination moves but after each attack, we would shift to the side and attack a new partner while they tried to evade.  This was was preparing us for what came next.

We did the same type of drill but this time, we had to score two points on our partner before we could move to the next partner.  This meant attacks to the back of the head or back of the body.  This was an incredibly hard drill and because I was on the end, I never got to see a new partner.

It was a good class but it also tells me that I need to do a lot more work on my sparring.

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