Friday Karate Class – 3/21/08 – Powerful pad work.

Today, I felt good.  I had a vist with Dr. Pusateri, my chiropractor and he did some good stuff to me today.  I seem to learn something new every time I see him and after I leave his office, my body feels like it’s made out of steel.

Because I was feeling good, I asked Sensei Noia if I could work off to the side since I didn’t really want to get hurt sparring again.  I ended up doing kata with my wife for about half of the class.

Sensei Noia brought some of his striking pads with today.  He had two large pads for some kicking and punching drills.  We did roundhouse kicks, punches, and elbow strikes for close to 20 minutes.  While I was holding the pad, Sensei Noia gave it five or six solid roundhouse kicks.  It was as if he had a tree trunk for leg.  While most the others kicked and some of them can kick really hard, I was able to hold the pad without moving too much but when Sensei Noia kicked it, I pushed backward even though my stance was pretty well grounded.  I realized that he was using his left leg and his right leg is normally his powerful one.  It’s always impressive to see how effective your Sensei’s Karate is but feeling it makes me see his power on a whole new level.

We also did some punches and elbow strikes to the pads and I ended up bending my right wrist.  I do not do enough pad work and I really need to punch things instead of just working on the air.  I also think I need to improve the strength of my wrists.  My forearms are strong and decent sized but my wrist are small and I think they need some hard work.

I am really looking forward to the warm weather so that I can start working outside on the makiwara again.

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