Friday Karate class – 3/14/08 – Sparring and lots of pain.

There are some days when I should just listen to my instincts.  Today was one of those days.

Sensei Noia asked if we wanted to do kata or sparring?  For some odd reason, I choose sparring, since I know that I need to improve.  It started out with a partner and we were to trade kicks back and forth.  The first drill had four kicks; Front leg kick, front leg kick, back leg kick but put it down in front and then back leg kick with the other leg.  My partner, Robert, can easily throw head level roundhouse kicks and he did easily but I had to do front snap kicks since my roundhouse kicks were near belt level.

We did a few more drills like those and then moved on to some more complex drills.  We had to go down the line with a different partner after each attack and try to score on them.  Out of six people, I think I scored twice.  We had a couple more drills like those and one where we had to get a two point attack on each person.

The drills themselves weren’t to complex but some of my partners really threw some serious kicks and punches.  I took a really hard side thrust kick to the top of my chest, about six or seven hard shots to the ribs, at least a dozen kicks to my lower abs and a really hard kick to my left forearm.

I am glad to know that I can take some hard hits to my body but I certainly don’t like them.

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