Tuesday Karate classes – 2/12/08 – Sparring matches and kata.

Great class.

Sensei Noia started us out with some sparring drills. We did some simple partner drills just to get warmed up and to see if we were all paying attention. We did some inline drills where we would attack, block and counter with our partners. After that, came some free sparring matches. I ended up with one of the 5th kyu students. This student would not block any punches to his face and I ended up scoring all three of my points and my win with face shots only. He was able to get two points on me by hitting my stomach but his much shorter height gave him the advantage on those two points. I am still afraid of hurting someone when sparring and really pull my punches and kicks because of it. I have had more than a few people tell me that I really tense up my shoulders because of it. I need to work on relaxing and Sensei Plocharczyk said that I need to keep my hands out more in front since I have a tendency to hold them close.

After the sparring came kata. We started with Tekki Shodan for the 4th kyu’s and then moved on to Jion. Sensei Plocharczyk had us do something different. When the 4th kyu’s did Tekki, he had the brown belts and above hold a sit stance against the wall while they did their kata, then they had to do the same while we did ours. The second time, he had us hold the plank position. One thing that I need to work on in Jion is keeping my body at the same height when moving from the first move to the second and third moves. I am coming up in my stances between those moves.

Sensei said that we all did really good so he showed us a black belt kata, Kanku Dai. This is a very cool kata and something that I really liked except for the landing jump part. I am looking forward to doing this kata in the future.

I hope that we have some more classes like this in the future.

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