Tuesday Karate class – 2/5/08 – Kata training and some synchronized kata too.

Sensie Noia was going to have everyone do some sparring drills but there were a few students who weren’t able to do it so they went off to the side with Sensei Gatch to do some kata.  I went with them and did some kata too.

We started with a couple or few Heian Godan’s.  This was to get us warmed up and to allow one of the purple belts to practice their belt kata.  Shortly after, we moved on to Jion.  We started out working on parts of the kata up to the ki-ai.  After that, we worked on the next part and got good advice and corrections along the way.

We then did the kata, as a group.  Not just as a group but as a synchronized.  This was much harder than I imagined.  Just keeping pace with my partners was very hard and I was ending up a step or two behind every once in a while.  Getting the timing from watching the others was really tough.

Good class.

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