Thursday Karate class – 2/14/08 – Some new drills and Kanku Dai.

Lot of good stuff again.

We started with our kicking warm up.  Sensei Cieplik had us do two sets of 10 front snap kicks on each leg.  We then did the normal front snap kick followed with back kick.  Next came a different warm up.  We did front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, back kick, roundhouse to the front, side thrust kick to the front snap kick again for a total of six kicks.  Sensei wanted to see our balance and control especially on the last three kicks.

Next came another different drill.  Sensei had us put our reverse hand out and turn our palm up.  We then had to focus on brining the draw hand back to our side while throwing a front punch.  He then had us focus on pushing our front knee forward, just an inch, each time we punched.  That made the movement feel much different and it really brought the hips into the movement.  This is a movement that I want to work on outside the dojo since I could really feel it in my hips.

Next came pad work and a lot of it.

We started working on front snap kicks.  Sensei had us put on pad on the floor and then our partner held another pad.  We then threw front snap kicks but Sensei had us work on extending our kicks out farther.  Instead of just kicking the length of our leg, we had to push forward with the hips.  This seems to bring a whole different and more powerful feel the movement.

Next, Sensei had us hold our knee up in front and keep our lower leg extended about 3/4 of the way.  We then kicked from the position so that we had to really use our hips and extend our legs out.

We then worked on some punching movements.  We stood with our front hand about an inch from the pad, we then pushed forward and up from the hips and then when our partner started to loose balance, we extended the front hand.  The hips did all the work and very little power was needed to extend the hand.

After that, we worked on back fist from a horse stance.  Our partner stood just a little behind us and we would throw as close, about one to three inches away, back fist while dropping our hips for power.  When dropping the hips, the power really comes out.

Next came a very powerful movement.  We started with the reverse punch out on the pad and then we threw a jab using a reverse hip movement.  This is one of the most powerful movements that I remember doing in a long time.  Using the hips to push that jab out felt so powerful, I don’t have a good way to describe it.  I want to work on that movement on my makiwara once the weather warms up here.We finished up class with some kata.

First came Heian Nidan, then Heian Yondan, then Tekki shodan and Jion all at Sensei Cieplik’s count.  He was counting faster than usual be slow enough for everyone to finish each movement.  It felt really good to do the kata at that pace.

We finished up the class doing Kanku Dai.  The best part was that we did it slow and Sensei did it along with us.  His movements are so precise and powerful, it is a sight to behold.  Sensei was doing many moves during class including a some jumping front snap kicks that were incredible to see.

I really pushed things a little too hard because walking after class was not easy.  My right hip was very sore from all the kicks and hip movements and getting out of the car was no easy task.  I have to admit, it was one of the all time best classes that I have had and worth every bit of pain that I felt.  I would the same class again and not change a thing!

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