Saturday Karate class – 2/23/08 – Sparring drills but a little different.

Today, Sensei Gatch was away at a tournament in Florida so Sensei Plocharczyk trained us.

We started out with some partner sparring drills.  The first drill was some simple shift in, jab and reverse punch and then shift out movements.  Next we did the same thing but as we moved out, our partner tried to counter with a reverse punch.  Now along those same lines but different, we did the same jab and reverse punch attack, then our partner would counter with the reverse punch but then we would curve our body and hit them with a backfist the jaw.  The idea was to bend our body so that their reverse punch could not reach us but our backfist could still reach them.  The different part is that we are always told to shift away and not curve our body like this but this is really and effective move especially for self defense purposes.  We spent a good amount of time working on that movement before moving on.

Next, we did a movement where our partner threw a right hand jodan front punch, we then blocked with our right hand, stepped through, put our right hand on their right shoulder,  put our front leg behind them but hip to hip, grabbed their belt and in a circular movement, bumped their hip with ours and took them down to the ground.  The key to this movement is using the hip power.  By bumping their hip, it takes their balance away and allows the momentum to carry them around and too the ground for a good pounding or stomp.

We finished up class working on some breakfalls.  Back when I was in Aikido, we practiced break falls all the time since most of our movements ended with one of us on the floor.  I was still able to do them fairly well even after 15 years has gone by.

It was good class.

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..


2 Responses to “Saturday Karate class – 2/23/08 – Sparring drills but a little different.”
  1. Zen Master says:

    You really was in Aikido?

  2. doug says:

    Yes, I was in Aikido until I separated the AC joint in my shoulder.

    It was a good martial art but I was about 210 pounds when I was taking it and maybe a little too heavy to be throw all over the place.

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