Saturday Karate class – 2/2/08 – Kata and sparring.

I always like class that starts with kata.

Sensei Gatch took the purple and brown belts. We started with Heian Godan. Sensei Gatch trains kata with the group in a torturous way. He will often make us do the same move over again many time but he will also have the entire group hold a stance or movement will he corrects someone else. Most of the group, not all of them, ends up breaking their stance and rising up but I try my very best to hold my stances the entire time.

Next, we moved on to Tekki Shodan. For some reason, when I do this kata, it puts a lot of stress on my feet and the outside of my calves. I need to analyze my stance and see if I am pushing too hard on the outside of my feet or something. There was one point where he much have had us hold the horse stance at least three minutes. When it was finally time to do the next move, I almost fell over because my legs felt as if they were locked in the horse stance position.

We then moved on to Jion and the focus was all on me since I was the only third kyu in the class today. Sensei Gatch found a mistake that I was making the first move. Instead of moving my arms in a circular blocking motion, I was just moving them forward more like a push.  I am going to have to spend some time working on correcting that movement since I have been doing it wrong for some time now.  I then did the front snap kick with triple punch.  He said that my front snap kicks look really good.  I then did all the moves to the first ki-ai and Sensei told me that I need to use my hips more.  When my stances are lower, my hips don’t turn like they should.  I guess I have some things to work on but that’s alright with me.

Next, we put on our pads and spent the rest of the class doing sparring drills.  We partnered up and worked on shifting drills.  We started with single shifts and then came double and triple shifts.  The idea was to help work on our distancing and timing.  We spent some time working on attack and counters when shifting.  The sparring drills are much more basic than those that we work on during advanced class on Friday but I welcome them since sparring not my best skill at this point.

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