Jennifer Malloy Memorial Tournament – 2/17/08

Today was our clubs annual Jennifer Malloy Memorial Tournament. Jennifer Malloy was a young karate-ka who loved Karate with her heart and soul before loosing her battle with cancer at the age of only 13. This is a good sized local tournament and there are some really good competitors both from our club and a few other clubs, plus some of the proceeds from this event goes to help financially support young up and coming karate-ka much like Jennifer.

It was a good day for my wife and son. My son took first place in the Kihon competition and looked really good. My wife took home a forth place trohpy for Kata. She has some issues with her back but she was still able to do well enough to bring something home.

I didn’t do too well, not winning anything today but even though I would like to win, I still like to enter the tournaments. I did have one moment of goodness, when I did my first kata of the day, Jion, I got three out of three flags in my favor against a first Kyu who did Bassai Dai. I felt that I did the absolute best Jion that I have done yet. I lost my second chance at kata to the person that took second place overall and my third kata, I made a mistake on one of my moves and it broke my concentration for the rest of the kata.

This might be my last tournament for some time to come. My son is going to be in a different class starting at the next tournament and the time that he goes on will overlap with the time that my wife and I go on for our group. I don’t want to miss him compete and I like to video tape him so I might be out for a while.

Either way, it was a good day and I got to see some of my friends that I only see at tournaments.

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2 Responses to “Jennifer Malloy Memorial Tournament – 2/17/08”
  1. Brian Malloy says:

    Jennifer Malloy was my older sister. She was the strongest, courageous and most inspirational person I have ever met and will ever meet. I am so happy that her tournament is still going strong!

    Congratulations to your son!!!!!!

    Brian Malloy

  2. doug says:

    Thanks Brian.

    Your sister has been an inspiration to many, many people. Because of her courage, there have been many others who never let their illness stop their love for their sport.

    The tournament is still going strong as is the memory of your sister.

    Best wishes,


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