Friday Karate class – 2/8/08 – Kata is good.

Sensei Noia split us up into groups.  He took the black belts and sent the rest of us with Sensei Gatch to do kata.

Sensei Gatch started us off with some Heian Yondan.  It felt pretty good to me.  I was able to keep my balance when doing the side snap kicks and it just felt strong.  Next came Heian Godan.  I didn’t land the jump the right way for some reason but that was the only part that felt off.  Tekki Shodan was next and if it wasn’t for me not being able to curl my tail bone, it felt pretty good too.

We then worked on Jion.  I really like Jion and like doing it too but I am still having some issues with my hip rotation.  I hope to get that worked out and am going to try to come up with some drills to help me improve.

We then went out in groups and we had to evaluate each others kata or at least tell them one thing to work on to improve.

Not a lot to write about since we did nothing but kata but it was a great class.

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