Friday Karate class – 2/29/08 – Special sparring drills.

Sensei Noia had us work on some different sparring drills.  We started out with doing something that was similar to one-step and three step sparring combined.

We started moving forward with a jodan punch at our partner, they did a rising block and blocked.  Next we did a chudan punch and they blocked with an inward block.  After that, we did a gaedan punch and they blocked using a downward block.  We then switched.  We did the same drill a few times but then used different timing between attacks.

Next came the same movements but this time were able to counter after one of the blocks.  The idea was to block and counter very quickly before our partner could throw another attack.  It was hard for me to counter quickly because we were moving our feet so slowly.

We then did the same movements but this time we had to counter with something different than a reverse punch.  This could be a ridge hand, backfist, kick or anything else but a punch.  It was hard reprogram my mind to do something other than a punch but after a few times, I was able to do it.

Class finished up with some partner drills where we punch at our partner, they block, then they punch and we block with the same hand that we punched with.  It’s a good coordination drill but it can be hard too.

Great class.

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