Friday Karate class – 2/22/08 – New kicking drills.

This was one of the harder classes that I recall in some time.  This wasn’t so much mentally hard but it was physically hard.

Sensei Noia had all of us get a pad.  We put the pad on the floor, knelt down and then put our left knee on it.  From this position, we stood up and threw a front snap kick then put our same knee back down on the pad.  We did this 10 times on each side.  We then did a roundhouse kick from the same starting position.  We then moved the pad and did the same thing without it, being sure to put our knee down easily.  Putting my knee down easily was much easier said than done for me.

The next movement, again from the floor starting position was front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick.  pad, bend back leg, stand and kick. both front and roundhouse.

During the class, we had some conditioning movements.  The first being clockwise pushups.  We started with a pushup at the 12 0’clock position and kept doing them, moving our upper body around in a circle, until we returned to the same 12 o’clock position that we started at.  We then did the same thing but this time counter clockwise.  We also did a drill where we lay on our stomachs and tried to kick our butts with our heels.  We ended up doing 50 reps each leg.  After that came a lying bicycle movement where we lay on our back, raise our upper and lower body off the flow and move our legs as if we are pedaling a bike.

We then finished things up with some partner drills.  Our partner would punch, we would block then punch and our partner would block with the same hand he or she punched with and then we would do the same.  It is a little tough to get coordinated with the movement at first but it gets better the more you do it.

Very hard but good.

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